Endura 330

To Evaluate Long distance inter-city travel on Electric 4 wheeler with minimum range of 300- 360Km by replacing Lithium ion Polymer as the sources of secondary Electrical storage.

We have assembled a 30KWhr Lithium ion Polymer Battery, in 2007 model Reva model car which has DC drive electric motor.The new battery is designed to affix almost in the same foot print of the original Lead acid  battery

Physical Information


990 mm X 520 mm X 340 mm


205 Kg total

Specific Energy

118Whr/Kg ( automotive application)

Volumetric Energy Density


Achievement in First Trial

Consumption of Energy in Endurance drive

55Whr/ Km on the pilot trial from Bengaluru to Chennai ( 327Km)

Average of 65Whr/Km till empty battery subsequently

467Kms on a single charge of battery

Charger : Rated 40Amps max ( 14+hours to full using residential 220V A.C. power source rated for 15Amps )

The Attempt – Endurance Drive

Sunrise drive 6.30AM – Flag off

First toll

At Mulbagal Hilly terrain start

Reach Chennai, 327 kms Covered

Why The Attempt – Endurance Drive

We believe high tech secondary electrical storage can be used in OUR COUNTRY for

  • Last-Mile People movers
  • Small-Mass public transport
  • Taxi Fleets & Round About Transit vehicles
  • Share Autos at Least best cost per Km and Green mobility
  • Personal transport, maybe no. Since it is Expensive ownership that the E-Fuel is consumed way less than its potential



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